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Earth 101 Episode One

When the British government is privatised by American corporate interests, inept and lazy civil servants Woolsey and Cromwell find themselves demoted, on probation and under penalty of dismissal (read: assassination). They are placed in charge of overseeing the repositioning of a communications satellite – a tedious job with no room for excitement or profit.

However, their operation is accidentally disrupted by two extraterrestrial gangsters, The Brothers, on the run from Universal Customs And Excise. As they attempt to evade their pursuers, they smash into the satellite right in the middle of its repositioning, and crash land on Earth.

Meanwhile, suspicious that sabotage by foes within their own department is to blame for their ill luck, Woolsey and Cromwell decide to requisition a Level 5 agent to investigate. These elite operatives are so deeply undercover they have been brainwashed to think they are ordinary members of society, coming out of cover only when activated by a signal from MI23, transmitted via satellite.

Unfortunately, the damaged satellite is the one used for activation. Instead of a high-level espionage operative, Woolsey and Cromwell accidentally promote a lowly civil servant into their employ...

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