MI23 SigInt Comms

As part of the Rebranding process and to provide a friendlier, more approachable face to covert government, some of our department heads have been forced invited to participate in social media outreach programmes.

Here follows ongoing communications between high ranking MI23 personnel.

Woolsey: Did we have anything to do with the #London2012 ceremony? Did we ... FRAME it. If you know what I mean? 6 years ago
Cromwell: Are you referring to the illuminati pyramid structures around the stadium at #London2012? 6 years ago
Woolsey: Yes. Do they transmit powerful hypnotic rays across the world, sapping the will of the people and subjegating them to our will? 6 years ago
Cromwell: No. They're lights, Woolsey. Our involvement with #London2012 is primarily fiscal. 6 years ago
Woolsey: We're not creaming profit off illicit ticket sales? 6 years ago
Cromwell: You're thinking too small, Woolsey. We've just implemented new laws protecting corporation trademarks and brands. Forever. 6 years ago